Morgellons and Laundry – Part 6

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So it’s been quite sometime since my last update. To recap everything that is going on, I am still battling Lyme disease and co-infections. And have made significant progress on Morgellons, I guess by chance (actually not my idea, but it works brilliantly [I have to thank my Dad for this one]). He is truly a mastermind. I had given up completely on making any more progress with Morgellons. I literally gave up!

So I’m going to try to make this quick…

I’ve successfully treated parasites using various prescription drugs; Ivermectin, Albendazole, and Alinia. These worked wonders for my Lyme and co-infections. I certainly had some sort of parasite because herxing and die-off were brutal at times. The first week of Albendazole and Alinia was pretty bad, after that though I felt really good. Ivermectin was a one day thing and really made me feel amazing. Though Morgellons didn’t really get affected it did have some affect like increased crawling skin. My protocol is as follows:

1st Stromectol 3 mg 6 tabs in 1 day, repeat 1 week later, wait 1 week, then
2nd Albendazole 400 mg 1x/d for 17 days, off 1 week, then
3rd Alinia 500 mg/d for 17 days. After 17 days

I’ve done one round using this and plan on doing another one in the near future. I had siginificant inermintent bone pain during some of these cycles. It definitely killed something, but not Morgellons…

So how did I make more progress on Morgellons…more than ever before…well Laundry, of course. Yes, I’ve always had a hunch that if I could successfully rid these beasts from my Laundry almost all of my symptoms would disappear and thankfully I was right. The problem I had in the past was I could not completely remove Morgellons from my clothes. I could get close, but sometimes the entire procedure would not work. So I was stuck with Morgellons symptoms when my laundry didn’t come out right. And the worst culprit was my sheets. Morgellons was more persistent at night and some how infected my sheets after just one washing. I was left with a lot of work and only a night or two of peaceful sleep. Well, my Dad fixed the issue in less than 5 minutes after a quick discussion of my problems and things I’ve tried. The crazy part is I’ve tried this before, but not to the extent I currently employ today.

To warn the Morgellons sufferer, one should only have enough clothes for 1 weeks time and 1 or 2 pairs of bedsheets (no comforter).

So what’s the answer????


Yep, boil your clothes! Then air dry (super important)! Since boiling the clothes doesn’t actually remove grease and dirt I suggest using a washer machine beforehand. This will leave the clothes clean and smelling good for the sanitize cycle, aka BOILING!

Now this works like a champ and took about a month for most of the Morgellons Parasite to die completely (guessing their life cycle). By the 3rd month almost all of my Morgellons symptoms had disappeared and even just hanging around the house I got zero Morgellons symptoms with NO external treatment whatsoever!

Now be prepared to loose a few clothes since boiling can be quite harsh. Some of the hardy clothes will make it long term, but others won’t make a cycle or two of boiling. Just a fair warning. After boiling the clothes they will stay Morgellons free indefinitely, just pack them in an airtight bag and store them wherever!

Good, so we have the idea…what’s the technique?

Using a giant 50 qt or larger Stainless Steel Brewing Pot and a large outdoor propane burner as shown below:

50 Quart Stainless Steel Brew Pot

Propane Outdoor 14-inch Cooker

And of course any propane tank can be purchased around town at the local grocery store.

So what’s the process?
I fill the 50 quart Pot to about 3/4ths full. This leaves room for the displacement of the clothes. I let the burner boil the water (without clothes). This takes about 20-25 minutes (always set a timer). Then once the water is boiling I add the clothes. I then let them boil for 25 minutes. After the 25 minutes is up I shut everything down and let the clothes cool for 10-15 minutes. I then remove the filled pot to the ground and move the boiling equipment aside. I use the outdoor hose to cool down the hot water so that I can wringe the clothes and hang up on the clothes line. Be sure not to burn yourself.

So to do a quick recap:

1. Setup burner, propane and 50 quart pot.
2. Fill pot to 3/4 full.
3. Let water get to boiling point with no clothes (20-25 minutes)
4. Add clothes for 25 minutes, stir occasionally.
5. Add and remove 50 quart lid depending on heat.
6. Turn everthing off and let air cool for 15 minutes.
7. Remove pot from burner.
8. Add hose/cool water to further cooling down hot water.
9. Clothes should now be cool to touch.
10. Wring and air-dry!

Simple as that, but be very careful when water is boiling.

Below is my setup. This method has successfully killed all traces of Morgellons from my clothes. Better than any other solution I’ve tried in the last 6 years! And even better news is my washer machine is becoming Morgellons free! Just give it time and keep up the diligence and you too will see results using this method. When I do wash my clothes I still use much of the previously discussed techniques shown in other blog posts. These methods are still valid, this one just works the best!


Stay Strong, Stay Sane,

Mr. Admin

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  • Amanda

    When you put your cloths in the pot, do you keep them submerged somehow? Mine go up as the water boils, would you advise please on how to keep them down?

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