Morgellons and Laundry – Handwashing!

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So I keep coming back to Morgellons and Laundry. What do they have in common? Why do so many suffer with terrible laundry symptoms? Why does Morgellons fester so long in Laundry? And why is Morgellons and Laundry my biggest hit from Google searches?

For one I believe Morgellons is a type of parasite that only seems to effect a certain few. This parasite really seems to breed in laundry, dirty/moist environments, and on the skin of diseased hosts (me and you!). Treating Morgellons is three-fold;

1) The host’s skin, body, and internal immune system.
2) The host’s textiles such as clothes, bed sheets, matresses, couches, and pillows.
3) The host’s environment such as house, office, and car.

For many they understand this, even for myself, I understand what has to be done. Doing it properly and winning is an entirely different reality. This bug is just so darn hard to keep dead and has an amazingly fast (almost exponential) reproduction rate. At one’s worse treatment for Morgellons is really and ideally a full time job. It takes time to bring the load and numbers down. Sometimes months to years. It can be done, but not a trivial task…I’ve done it and so have many others….Just keep in mind that people have gotten better, however it’s not overnight like some might hope.

After a little ranting let’s get back to it; Morgellons and Laundry. What have I discovered? Well, for one my laundry machine and dryer can no longer be used.

I cannot successfully get Morgellons out of the washer machine, therefore I give up. And how do I know Morgellons resides in my washer machine if I can’t see it? Well, I feel it. After doing the same treatment protocol as explained here (Morgellons and Laundry – Revised) I opt’ed to hand wash instead of machine wash my clothes and bedding (I concluded with air drying). The results were astonishing!

My laundry was absolutely Morgellons free and it stayed that way! It stayed that way! I’ll repeat….no I won’t you get the idea. I hand washed the soaked clothes for 20-30 minutes with multiple rounds of clean water rinsing, outside in a plastic bin then let them air dry. Absolute perfection!

So what does this lead me to believe….Morgellons is alive. Morgellons is a parasite. Morgellons is killable. And Morgellons lives in dark, moist places….which also leads me to believe and conclude that Morgellons (or my Morgellons) are Collembola (springtails). I don’t care what anyone says my Morgellons jumps, flicks, bites, itches, reproduces, dies, hibernates in cold, greatly reduces in dry climates and air, is sensitive to borax and other chemicals in HIGH quantities, and stays alive/lives in clothes, bedding, cars, and houses. It is a bug. It is a parasite. And holy hell not a single medical individual or researcher is willing to accept that Morgellons is real and people are suffering.

Morgellons is real and we need real help!

So moral of this story (or post ;-)); Morgellons lives in great numbers in washer and dryer machines no matter how hard one tries to pre-treat or kill them. It is not worth the time to beat them in these machines. They seem impervious to super hot (even boiling water) and quick shots of really potent chemicals…it’s best to invest time elsewhere, for instance; hand washing. Try it out I guarantee you’ll feel a difference. You will be so happy you did, just give it a shot this time around….that being said the old protocol still stands;

– soak in borax dissolved water for 1-2 hours (I wrote about this protocol here)

Enjoy! Stay sane! And keep at it!

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