Morgellons 2016

Happy New Year to all! Morgellons 2016….a new year, a new perspective, and an old disease. For me this year will mark my 5th year with Morgellons. Unimaginable, really. I never thought I would have had symptoms for this long. I never thought Morgellons would persist in and around my environment for over 5 years!

Morgellons has completely uprooted every aspect of my life. Not a single spec has been left untouched; relationships, mental health, physical health, tangables, untangables, and so much more. Morgellons has been life alterating! No doubt about it.

I cannot explain what Morgellons has done for me, both good and bad. Only the infected really know what this disease can do to someone. No one truly understands until they have lived with Morgellons for more than a few months. Family members, friends, doctors ‘may’ understand, but in truth they don’t. Heck they might even question your sanity and by that time you have more than likely even questioned your own.

Don’t fret though I and the many thousands of visitors to this site all know, Morgellons is Real! I have it and have had it for almost 5 years and that goes to be said each and every person reading this has been affected by Morgellons in one form or another. It is a real disease and deserves some real respect, research, and attention. In fact, I’ve created for this very reason! To bring awareness to Morgellons Disease. We the sufferers deserve so much more than a clinical diganoses of insanity. We deserve the reverence of any new disease. We deserve something. Many of us have lost every; jobs, finances, significant others, sanity, etc, etc.

Sure, Morgellons is not life threatening, but boy it can do so much damage over time to one’s well being where it eventually may become self inflicted life threatening. Its true, most Morgies contemplate suicide even hate life. I’ve seen it first hand, I’ve read so many emails. It is crazy what Morgellons can do to ones mental health…but, please, have faith there is hope. At my worst I remember having hundreds, even thousands of crawling, biting, scratching, burning sensations an hour every day for months on end! Now I only have but a few per day, if any! Using the techniques employed on this site I’ve brought my numbers and as a result symptoms to a screeching halt. Be aware, Morgellons can be eradicated!

So what will this new year bring?

Will I cure Morgellons in 2016? Probably not. Yea, sad but true.

Will I gain ground on Morgellons? I think so.

Will it be easy? Heck no, nothing about this disease is easy. Nothing.

What have I learned in 2015? And what will I do in 2016? A lot, but not quite enough. Meaning Morgellons is still here and I have yet to completely rid Morgellons from my life. I have however, put another year worth of dent in the disease of Morgellons and in turn drastically reduced my suffering.

How so? Well by following the guidelines I’ve outlined in various blog/forum posts on laundering, immune enhancing, detoxing, lifestyle changes, and so much more.

To begin, my laundering techniques have been further refined to provide great, affordable relief. These techniques can be found in Morgellons and Laundry – Revised blog post. However for a quick reminder my laundering deals with pre-soaking laundry in borax, washing on a super hot sanitize cycle (turn up hot water heater if needed), drying clothes in sunlight and open air, and wear/washing clothes once a week with only a weeks worth of laundry (bed sheets included).

Secondly, I’ve learned the value of a great detox and its immune enhancing capabilities. Namely, using a Infrared Sauna which has an uncanny ability to completely remove Morgellons symptoms for a days on end. Heat heals and heat kills! The FIR infrared sauna provides a gentle healing heat which quickly kills active Morgellons aiding in healing the outer layers of skin to help rebuild resistance against Morgellons and foreign pathogens.

Third, I’ve stopped using soap. Yes, I no longer shower with soap, heck I hardly even shower anymore. I merely call it a quick rinse after my daily sauna session. This is more than enough to stay sanitary and healthy. No! I don’t smell, in fact I think I smell better and perhaps more natural. My skin looks healthier than ever before, it feels super soft, and has a nice glow and radiance. Soap strips the skin of its natural oils breaking its first line of defense against invaders, such as Morgellons. The skin houses billion even trillions of beneficial bacteria which all work harmoniously to keep our natural bio-dome in tip top shape. Every time we use soap this bio-dome takes another hit. Day after day we hit our natural defenses in our never ending quest to become ultra sanitary! Its true…when I first came down with Morgellons I honestly thought it was a disease of the skin. I used every harsh chemical on my skin in order to eradicate this beast. In the end, I discovered that my skin was severely destroyed and I became even more susceptible to Morgellons. My skin was made worst by removing what was helping me the most! We must keep our skin and bio-terrain strong and to do this we mustn’t strip it of its natural defense systems…soap is bad! Instead try a nice scrubbing rinse and if need be some soap on the stinky parts.

Fourth, 70% of the immune system resides in the digestive system. Our digestive systems are responsible for so much more than we are aware of. Along with digestion and assimilation of nutrients, it is also responsible for neurotransmitter, antibody, enzyme, and cell creation, generation, and proliferation. A poor immune system equates to a poor digestive system. Bad bugs in the stomach can lead to bad bugs and terrible symptoms elsewhere. In order to start anew we must; remove, repair, replace, and reinoculate. Firstly, remove the bad bacteria, fungus, parasites using natural and prescribed (if need be) antimicrobial/antiparasitics such as garlic, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, and more (seen in this blog post; Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt Parasite Protocol). Second, repair the inflammation in the stomach lining using aloe gel and L-glutamine. Third, replace missing digestive enzymes, bentaine, intrinsic factor to assist the assimilation of needed nutrients. And lastly, reinoculate by providing prebiotics and probiotics to limit the growth of yeast and undesirable bacteria using high quality probiotics such as VSL, Metagenics, and more (upwards of 10-50 billion per day!).

Lastly, Lyme and co-infections play a huge part in Morgellons (chatted about in this post; Morgellons and Lyme). A faulty immune system brought on by long term Lyme and its coinfections bring about Morgellons and the associated opportunistic infections. Fungus, parasites, and bad bacteria flourish in these environments. And in order to keep these invaders at bay we must work on enhancing every aspect of the immune system via essential multi-minerals and vitamins, high quality diet (get rid of the boxed food and preservatives!), exercise, lots of fresh air, prebiotics and probiotics, and an all around healthy lifestyle. The immune system is key in any disease!

So as we ring in a new year we must always look back to see what the previous year has brought to us, what we have learned and what we can improve on. In the terms of Morgellons, the few key topics above, for me, stands out in 2015, and for 2016 I would like to further improve on these topics and refine these strategies in order to bring a halt to the proliferation of Morgellons in and around my body. I would so love for Morgellons to end in 2016, but this may not happen and at this point I am OK with that. Persitance is key in any disease and we can’t expect a timeline in any resolution. It will happen when it happens and we must keep in mind that it will happen if we actively keep treating and improving our methods.

Also in 2016, I do hope that this blog, website, and forum will bring help and solace to others in need and that our community will grow which in turn will bring awareness and support to all those affected by Morgellons. And in order to do such we need documentable data from many to show that Morgellons is real. I do hope that this website can one day be used for such, so please feel free to add to the ever building community and join the forum. Together we can beat this! This disease is not going away. The ever increasing website traffic statistics prove just that.

So I ask, once again in 2016…Stay strong and stay sane!

Mr. Admin

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  • Joe Greene

    Thanks for the great effort and info. I’ve almost come to respect Morgellons as it is so pernicious. It behaves more like a computer program than a living animal or fungus. The CDC should be all over this, not for our benefit necessarily, but for the shear wonderment of it. Their indifference leads me to think that they’ve been ordered to ‘stand down’, why else would they ignore such a tantalizing study?

  • MrAdmin

    Hi Joe,

    You know I completely agree, but never really mentioned it in this post. Morgellons behaves just like a biological weapon; adaptable, hard to kill, infectious, undetectable, contagious, etc… Thanks for the feedback! Keep in touch!

    Mr. Admin

  • Sara

    Today is day one… I’m terrified somewhat comforted knowing I’m not alone however I had the same thoughts of it seemingly maybe already a “government known disease,” which is slightly more frightening to me that nothing is being acknowledged! Thank you for this sight! Hoping it helps keep me on the closer to sane side! remind me often this is not a sci-fi movie but indeed real life!

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