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11 Sep

Welcome to Morgellons and Me!

Here you’ll uncover my blog and detailed information, research, and evidence that Morgellons is real! This disease has consumed countless of dollars, emotions, relationships, and idle time. It has changed me in ways I could never have imagined. It has been such a wild ride, an enormous mental hurdle to accept, and an even bigger hurdle to find repeatable relief. The fact that this is some unknown disease that no one seem to be aware of, or cure is beyond me…

In my journey, I’ve learned so much about the human body, diet, supplements, toxicities, and much more. I’ve honestly spent most of my free time researching Morgellons, natural health, various treaments, and environmental toxicities. I share most of my findings on this site in hopes to save you the countless of hours I’ve used in order to gain this knowledge. I can only hope that this blog helps, even if only the slightest…It is so hard to find someone, anyone, to relate to about Morgellons. Even significant others seems to question one’s sanity! Anyways, I digress…

Continuing with the theme of this blog; to provide ancedotal evidence that Morgellons symptoms exist and treatments, both internal and external, can and do provide relief I’m proud to announce the new;

The Morgellons and Me Store!

Here you’ll find a slew of different products which gave me the most relief from the dreaded Morgellons. There are key categories which I’ve found are the pillars to treating Morgellons including;

Books – “Knowledge is power”…Books that I’ve found highly beneficial in my journey to perfect health. Here you’ll discover why disease occurs, why we are susceptible, and the underlying cause of symptoms as well as ways to cure various issues through natural approaches such as; diet, supplementation, and lifestyle change. These books really bring light to Disease, Morgellons, Cancer, Healing, and so much more.

Detox – Here you’ll find my most recommended products for detoxfiying the human body. You’ll find FIR saunas, materials for detox baths, aromatherapy, and much more. Detoxing is a must in the battle of any chronic disease!

Environment – Tools and tricks I used to lessen the environmental parasitic burden ranging from; collembola, dust mites, bird mites, and/or whatever else causes external symptoms of Morgellons (unknown to me at the moment).

Food – Food that I’ve found beneficial in boosting my immune system, providing good clean energy to aid in the battle of Morgellons. Diet plays a huge part in Morgellons and disease. The products found here are good replacements to unhealthy snacks or meals that could be hindering your progress.

Laundry – Here you’ll find a few products reviewed in my blog posts that I’ve recommended for laundry treatment. All products have been tested and proven to work for lessening Morgellons in laundry. I and many others have found great relief from each!

Supplements – Yet another angle in the treatment of Morgellons is adding additional support supplements to the diet. Supplements are key to aiding and giving the body additional support. Face it, Morgellons patients are sick, we must identify and treat vital nutritional and mineral deficiencies in order to greatly reduce Morgellons symptoms and rebuild the body inside out!

With all this being said, I’m proud to have a place where Morgellons sufferers can find products dedicated to Morgellons and the treatment of Morgellons. My hope is to save you time and lessen the pain endured from this disease. Morgellons has really had a HUGE impact on my life and put me in such a deep hole which took more than a few years to dig out of. No one, I repeat, NO ONE, should ever have to suffer from Morgellons as a chronic disease.

It is sad that we must take to the internet and so called ‘treat’ ourselves for this disease. The fact that Western Medicine fails to acknowledge Morgellons really shows the strength of our medical system. Anyways, I hope the Morgellons and Me Store provides value and aids in your self treatment of this terrible disease!

Good luck, Stay Strong, and Detox, Detox, Detox!

Mr. Admin

Hello all,

For those of you who have been keeping up with the latest developments of my life and this blog you know that I have just been recently diagnosed with Lyme and co-infections (Bartonella). Well this diagnoses took a long, long time to reach and required the merry-go-round several tens of specialists ‘doctors’. It was only until I saw a LLND (Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor) that I got the right diagnoses. She was absolutely amazing and such a blessing in my journey back to health. She listened to every word I said, every symptom I had and spent the better half of entire day with me! No other doctor gave me more than 20 minutes! After all was said and done she said I had been infected with Lyme for more than 5 years (before Morgellons started) and the Morgellons is most definitely a co-infection of Lyme. She also stated the my Lyme was probably dormant for the better part of the 5 years and only really became active under stressful situations. This was exactly the case in January, hence why every symptom exploded in the last 6 months.

She began to give me the run down of what I was in for and treatment protocol; up to a year treatment time with lots of work on all aspects of my body to be done! Detox, killing, binding, detox, repeat! In order to get a complete recover from Lyme I had to strengthen my body from every angle, not just reduce the bacterial load. She than began explaining that Lyme is never a singular infection. The reason it takes over the body is due to various factors weakening the immune system causing the Lyme (or Borrelia Spirochaete) to go undetected by the immune systems. Some of these factors are; Candida, Heavy Metal burden, parasitic infections, environmental toxicities, and mold exposure/poisoning. So for us to properly treat Lyme and co-infections each aspect must be treated properly. She, also, began to state that most standardized diagnostic tests do not properly detect these immune burdens.

So to begin she wanted me to reduce the bacterial load a bit before we embarked on resolving the rest of the issues. I was in such dire strength that we could not afford to go straight for the main culprit; parasites.

That’s right parasites being the main burden of every Lyme sufferer. They hold heavy metals, fungi, candida, bacteria, and viruses. These little guys are sanctuaries for all pathogens and contribute to almost all biofilms used by Lyme and co-infections. It is not until you remove all parasites will the body be able to detect and extinguish Lyme and co-infections. She than began to explain, how herbal parasite cleanses are good and work, they aren’t quite strong enough to keep parasites gone for good, nor eliminate all parasites in just a few days like pharmaceuticals. They will always return and even with pharmaceuticals they can still return. They must be treated with the utmost precision. While my doctor really believes in the power of herbs, she believes they do have their place in treatment for Lyme, co-infections, and parasites, but also believes that pharmaceuticals are needed especially in Morgellons/Lyme patients! That being said, she sticks to a modified Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt Parasite Protocol keeping the dosages and duration down due to possible pharma toxicities;

Biltricide – 600 mg 2 tabs/d for 3 days, off 1 week, then
Pyrantel Pamoate – 500 mg 1 tab 2x/d for 4 days, off 1 week, on 4 more days, off 1 week, then
Stromectol (Ivermectin) – 3 mg 6 tabs in 1 day, repeat 1 week later

Note; I’m not a doctor and this website merely provides information for educational purposes. I do provide, though, anecdotal evidence of protocols I’ve used with results.

So I’ve yet to finish the entire protocol I have, however, made it through the first half. And let me tell you the difference Biltricide has made in Morgellons and my energy levels is nothing short of amazing! The first day was pretty easy as I took 600 mg only that day in two 300 mg doses. The day went by fine, the next day I upped the dose to two 600 mg doses one after breakfast and the other after dinner. These wiped me out. That night I had some liver pain and in the middle of the night I woke up with intense liver pressure. I felt it build and build until finally I heard a pop and felt instant relief. Now I don’t know if this was a Liver Fluke, but did experience a nice relief the next day. Note; Biltricide is used to treat liver and blood flukes. I could not finish day 3 due to fatigue, but do plan on doing Biltricide again in a month or so. During treatment I did notice some weird eye pain and bone/blood pain. The fact that Biltricide (Praziquantel) is relatively non-toxic and that any side-effects are a direct result of dying parasites means that my symptoms were, in fact, die-off from parasites! So after I finished, I performed a Liver cleanse to flush out any flukes that might have been paralyzed or killed during the treatment. The cleanse went just fine and I felt immense relief afterwards.

Now the next couple of days I found that my Morgellons symptoms were undetectable. Huh? I began to realize that I didn’t even realize Morgellons was almost non-existent! Could it be?

While I don’t think this protocol cured me for Morgellons, but I do believe it put a huge dent in Morgellons, parasites and Lyme. The results are amazing! I look forward to repeating this parasite cleanse at least twice. By then I feel, Morgellons will be but a distant memory. After dealing with Morgellons for more than 4 years I know, now, there is no instant cure, results have been and always will be gradual. Each protocol peels, but another layer of the Morgellons away. Eventually, nothing will be left, but supreme health! My body was severely diseased from the start and is slowly getting better!

Perhaps, internal parasites are a bigger issue than we think in the battle with Morgellons. Though symptoms manifest externally, the internal connection cannot be ignored. My external treatment still remains for preventative measures, but Morgellons simply doesn’t feel over powering anymore.

I suggest to find a doctor in your area that is open-minded to Morgellons, Lyme, and other new diseases that is willing to work with you. It seems most Lyme doctors are aware of Morgellons and make the connection of Lyme and Morgellons. They seem most open-minded to hidden disease, biofilms, mutations, and more. You can find a Lyme Literate MD in your area here;ILADS LLMD Referral. Note: Most LLMD do not take insurance, but to me that is alright if they help relieve 4 years of physical, mental, and financial burdens caused by Morgellons and Lyme.

Good Luck, Stay Strong, and don’t forget to Detox, Detox, Detox!

Mr. Admin