Alas…A solution??? Quite possibly. Anyways, quick update before I cut in for the night. I know it has been a while but a lot’s been happening the last few months, both Morgellons-wise and health-wise.

But sadly the Morgellons saga continues… I have a lot to write about later, but thought I’d share a quick update as I lay in bed sprawled out on my beautifully Morgellons Free sheets…So fresh and so clean, not a bugger to be found.

The greatest part about this success is that treatment only took 1.5 hours. After years and years of searching for something that worked with Laundry, I think I’ve finally found a trivial task worth while. Something repeatable that doesn’t cost a fortune both in physical labor, and finances. So before I got to bed I will bequeath on to you my undeniably simple, yet effective, method:

8 oz. of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide in a normal 1 hour laundry wash. Yep that’s it.

But I do stop the laundry in the soak cycle for about 30-60 minutes to allow the peroxide to penetrate. I then restart the wash with a cup of borax. And let air dry.

Nothing more nothing less. Very clean laundry time and time again. I can even keep sheets on my bed for multiple days at a time…something once unattainable.


Stay Strong!

Mr. Admin

OK, I’m going to make this short and sweet. I’ve had huge, I mean huge successes as of lately! If you want results all you need is to read this post, though much of the information on this site is hugely beneficial. Anyways, here it goes.

This has been my biggest complaint thus far with Morgellons. I cannot seem to get my laundry free of Morgellons. No matter what chemical, amount of soaking, or washing technique I use, my clothes are still, no matter what, infected. That is until now!!!! This is thee SOLUTION and I’ve had perfect success every time. So what is this superior treatment?? Well first off, let me mention that the hot box discussed in a previous post wasn’t such a great idea. The hot box’s intent was to be a clean, chemical free method of killing Morgellons. In the end, it couldn’t do such and it even stunk up my house with an over heated laundry smell. Not very pleasant at all. Soo from my past transgressions I learned that 160 F was not hot enough to kill Morgellons. Thus I went hotter… I got so frustrated after this failure that I came home from work itching and scratching from hot boxed clothes that I thought would have been clean and stripped down naked and threw these clothes (a pair of pants, a T-shirt and a pair of socks) into my pressure cooker. I thought if heat kills all (discussed here) then a pressure cooker, which is capable of temperatures of 250 F should be more than hot enough. I turned on the pressure cooker and placed it on high heat for 1 hour. One hour later…BAM! Morgellons was completely eliminated! Not a single trace!!!!! My clothes were a bit damp so I let them air dry over night. The next day, I wore the same clothes which were giving me hell the day before. Not a single bite, crawl or itch! I even wore these clothes for the next week without treatment. Everyday Morgellons was gone! A miracle, to say the least. Of course it makes perfect sense and I kick myself for not thinking of this sooner, but since a pressure cooker can get to 250 F and even the most stubborn creature on the planet cannot survive at this temperature than how could Morgellons?!? Anyways, this worked perfectly. I then began to treat more clothes and followed up the pressure cooking with a quick wash in my washer machine (make sure your washer is Morgellons free). That was it. No chemicals, no mess, no Morgellons. 1 hour and a quick wash and I was Morgellons Free!

So a few batches of clothes later my poor little pressure cooker was complaining. Certainly I couldn’t treat all my laundry in a wimpy 6 quart pressure cooker. The little guy would not suffice for my laundering needs, so I began a quest to find a much larger one. In the end, I found several autoclaves (just another name for a large pressure cooker used for sterilization). They seemed like they would fit my needs perfectly and were used in the medical, tattoo, dental, and hospitality industry to sanitize equipment periodically. These, however, proved to be rather expensive. A bit more research revealed a few cheaper alternatives, however still not the most affordable. In the end, there was no contemplating price. I knew that this was the answer and I had spent so much more on Morgellons in the last 4 years. $800 was nothing especially if it creates repeatable results time and time again! You could even get a decent sized autoclave for about $500, but I had some large items I needed to take care of, so I opt’ed for the larger sterilizer. The autoclave idea is brilliant, no doubt about it, but it is not perfect. There are very good chances of permanently damaging clothes. You must be very careful and test a few techniques to ensure you have a good feel on what garments will survive and what will not. High temps and moist environments make textile dyes prone to bleeding and as a result colors can easily jump from one item to the next creating a nice, but unwanted, tie-dye effect.

So I purchased the largest autoclave I could find at an affordable price (others were $2,500). This one is fully automatic and has a 60 minute mechanical timer. It holds 6.75 gallons of material, which is big, but sadly not as big as I wanted, however will do. You can buy smaller ones, but I plan on doing blankets, maybe some pillows and other such large items. I know this will work and I am very confident that this was the last frontier I needed to conquer to gain significant ground on Morgellons. Below is the autoclave I purchased. I spent many hours researching different sterilizers to finally conclude with this one. I recommend it and if it is too large or perhaps too expensive then others do exist, also seen below. Once again, I have yet to have results like this repeatedly. I have not had one bite, one itch, one crawl from autoclaved clothes! A feat I thought was never possible! It’s an amazing feeling!!!!!

My Autoclave 6.75 Gallons (with timer)

Medium Autoclave (with timer)

Small Autoclave (with no timer)

The Body
So I’m going to make this short. Not too long ago I bought a Infrared Sauna. This was, yet another, nail in the coffin for Morgellons. I cannot believe how well this has helped my skin fight off Morgellons. During each session I feel the presence of Morgellons increase as the temperature does, then suddenly around 130 F Morgellons disappears. It’s like they just die and go away. Once I get out of the sauna my skin is extremely quiet. I get a few hours of relief with no Morgellons, and when it does return it is of much lower severity. Along with removing Morgellons from the deepest trenches of my skin, the sauna helps me detox and sweat profusely. Every time I get out I feel really mentally clear. I know the sauna is working and was a great addition to my Morgellons protocol, once again, I wished I would have added this sooner. Just 30-45 minutes a day keep Morgellons at bay!

My Sauna

Cheaper Sauna

Also, I’m beating a dead horse here, but the Liver and Gallbladder cleanse is yet another crucial step to deterring Morgellons from attacking your body. It is a sure fire way to improve your health, not just now, but for the rest of your life. It is the best cleanse you can do within your lifetime and will surely give you radiant skin as well as supreme health. Though, I will say it is a significant undertaking, a grueling process, and not for the light hearted. I have been cleansing for 2 years and am still getting stones out. But I assure you, in the end, it is the cure for ALL chronic diseases. If you successfully clear your Liver and Gallbladder of bile and cholesterol stones one can expect to live disease free for the remainder of your life especially if you eat healthy and keep your Liver/Gallbladder free of stones! I cannot rave more about the Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse. Please just read a few Amazon reviews!

The Environment
So to keep this short, again, the only chemical I use in this process of Morgellons elimination is in my environment. I found no other way to eliminate Morgellons from where I live, especially since I cannot use heat to sanitize my house due to fire sprinklers. Anyways, all I do is use a Tri-Jet fogger and some Xtreme Cleen to fog my entire house 2-3 times per week. I’ve talked about Xtreme Cleen here. This works great and leaves little mess. I found it to kill Morgellons quickly and efficiently especially if used often. It’s as simple as that. Make sure to wear a mask and eye protection because this stuff is very strong ammonia!

Stay Strong. Stay Sane.

Mr. Admin