Another sleepless night. Another night researching. The battle continues…. A future unknown. A creature unknown. A disease unknown.

The toll Morgellons takes on the affected is great. Relationships destroyed. Imploding sanity. Financial ruin.

All hope is lost in the moments it’s needed the most.

No help to be found. No sympathy to be had. It hurts, but continues. A deep, dark path with no end in sight.

Alas, there is help. Help in it’s purest form. A common goal; find something that works efficiently, effectively, and repetitively. No alternative motive. Nothing but information from a fellow sufferer.

Quick Update:
Since my last post on Xtreme Cleen I have improved greatly. Xtreme Cleen actually works really, really well. A bit expensive, but worth every penny. I now use it as my daily cleaner. It is safe on every surface I have tried it on. No bleaching, staining, or destruction. A little goes a long way (4 oz per 1 gallon of water). Although it works, and great at that, I still am on the prowl for synergistic solutions to tackle the onslaught of Morgellons.

Laundry is still the biggest hurdle. I believe my disinfecting protocol is on point (using Xtreme Cleen to soak clothes), however I have run into issues with ‘clean’ clothes becoming reinfected from the washer machine. I am positive this reinfection occurs from the washer machine and nothing else. I feel Morgellons is breeding deep inside the machine where surface disinfection cannot penetrate, thus causing Morgellons to come from deep within during the wash cycle and reinfect. It’s frustrating. I have no way to treat the entire machine without disassembling or replacing it, both of which will never happen.

I continue to look for new information on the treatment of Morgellons. Along the way, I have run into some valuable insight. Recently, I’ve discovered that fellow sufferers have had success with Ozone (a trioxygen molecule). Ozone is a very strong oxidizer and works as a reagent in many organic reactions. As a disinfecting agent, Ozone destroys cells from the inside out. Take for example a bacterium and Ozone reaction seen below:

Ozone and Bacteria

A healthy bacillus bacterial cell (waiting to ruin your day).

Ozone and Bacteria

Zooming in closer, Ozone (blue) comes into contact with the cell wall. The cell wall is vital to the bacteria because it ensures the organism can maintain its shape.

Ozone and Bacteria

As ozone molecules make contact with the cell wall, a reaction called an oxidative burst occurs which literally creates a tiny hole in the cell wall.

Ozone and Bacteria

A newly created hole in the cell wall has injured the bacterium.

Ozone and Bacteria

The bacterium begins to lose its shape while ozone molecules continue creating holes in the cell wall.

Ozone and Bacteria

After thousands of ozone collisions over only a few seconds, the bacterial wall can no longer maintain its shape and the cell dies.

That being said, Ozone is used in all sorts of disinfecting cases. Industrially, Ozone is used to:

  • Disinfect laundry in hospitals, food factories, care homes etc
  • Disinfect water in place of chlorine
  • Deodorize air and objects, such as after a fire. This process is extensively used in fabric restoration
  • Kill bacteria on food or on contact surfaces
  • Sanitize swimming pools and spas
  • Kill insects in stored grain
  • Scrub yeast and mold spores from the air in food processing plants
  • Wash fresh fruits and vegetables to kill yeast, mold and bacteria
  • Chemically attack contaminants in water (iron, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, nitrites, and complex organics lumped together as “color”)
  • Provide an aid to flocculation (agglomeration of molecules, which aids in filtration, where the iron and arsenic are removed)
  • Manufacture chemical compounds via chemical synthesis
  • Clean and bleach fabrics
  • Eradicate water borne parasites such as Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium in surface water treatment plants

As you can see Ozone has a long list of sterilizing uses. Even hospitals use it as the weapon of choice after surgery to help eliminate stray, potentially hazardous organic matter.

“Many hospitals around the world use large ozone generators to decontaminate operating rooms between surgeries. The rooms are cleaned and then sealed airtight before being filled with ozone which effectively kills or neutralizes all remaining bacteria.”

After doing research on Ozone and it’s possibility to aid me in the never ending battle with Morgellons I took to the inter-web to find methods which I could use Ozone safely and effectively. The goal, as with all new treatments, were to find something that; successfully disinfects massive amounts of cubic feet without; destroying property, leaving copious amounts of residue, and a toxic scent linger for weeks.

In the past, previously tried treatments of other substances all proved to be failures. I had problems with lingering smells (Cedar), excessive residue (Windex), and damage to furniture and surroundings (Ammonia). However, in my research, I found that Ozone, which can easily be produced in gaseous form, proved to be quite the fumigator. It leaves ZERO residue, is only a slight oxidizer of metals and rubber, breaks down quickly to normal dioxygen (few hours), and leaves a fresh scent after application. In the end, I could not ask for a better large area purify. My hours of research, finally, payed off. I had found something that looked promising, OZONE!

The Ozone Generator
What was I was looking for?…A powerful, yet slim design that allowed for copious amount of Ozone to be released into the air. I wanted something that would last hundreds of treatments and be powerful enough to fully kill pathogens in over 1000 sq. ft. of surface area. I set out on Amazon to find such a device.

In the end, I researched every Ozone generator found there. I concluded my research on the generator found below. This generator has replaceable Ozone plates and lifetime warranty. Even though it is a bare-bones model, without a case, it still packs a huge punch. More than any of the mainstream, mass produced generators at a much lower cost. It will be my generator of choice and I know will help guide me in the eradication of Morgellons!

As I try different methods and techniques using Ozone I will document and follow up here with the results. I plan on using this generator to sanitize my environment, clothes, and car. I plan on placing this generator in my closet with hung clothes to properly kill all pathogens. I have a distinct feeling that this will work quite nicely, but have yet to try anything Ozone related.

Proper Ozone disinfecting takes roughly 6-8 hours with 4-6 hours of Ozone generation and 2-4 hours air out time. During the air out period ALL windows and doors must be open. It is crucial to get the Ozone out of the area and allow for normal dioxygen to replace it. Please note, that every living organism must be removed before Ozone treatment; plants, animals, and humans. Do Not Ozone with living creatures in the house, unless you want them terminated! And make sure to properly protect your respiratory system from Ozone as it can damage them easily.

For running my generator I bought a timer and fan. The timer is used for the on/off cycle during Ozone treatment while the fan is used to spread Ozone around the room and keep the Ozone transformers cool. Since the bare-bones model did not have any of this included thus it had to be purchased separately.

As I gather more information on my own experiences with Ozone treatment I will document and report my findings. Stay tuned and Stay Strong!

Mr. Admin

For those of you who have been following this blog you know my journey with Morgellons has been long and hard. I’ve had Morgellons for a little over 3 years and haven’t had any significant breakthroughs yet.

Sure I’ve treated the symptoms with supplements, cleaning, excessive laundering, and much much more, but somehow, for some reason, I could not find anything that completely zapped Morgellons once and for all. When I mean zapped, I mean terminated, wiped out, annihilated, gone for good, without a trace, no more. Well, I am happy to say that I think I’ve run into a beautiful, yet simple solution! I’m not going to be bold and call it THE CURE, but it is by far the best weapon of mass destruction I have yet to encounter for these beasts!

Before I reveal what this solution is, lets do a recap of my journey and the places I struggled most.

I’ve always stated, that I thought my Morgellons was some sort of skin parasite which harbors in and around clothes, walls, dark places, moist places, couches, beds, cars, skin…and pretty much any place where food and water is prevalent. I’ve, also, noticed that their numbers compound exponentially very quickly, if left untreated (1-2 days). I still believe that these demons were a bug of some sort, however the battle of Morgellons is not only an external one. They are primarily attracted to immune suppressed individuals. Thus, internal treatment must also be administered. In order for these things to stop biting me I had to clean up my life and lifestyle. In the end, I did and it worked. I got to the point where Morgellons stopped biting, but were still crawling all over. It was extremely annoying.

This external crawling sensation only reinforced the ‘parasite’ connection. I felt crawling on my couch, in my bed, in my car, in my clothes. Pretty much anywhere I went that I had been before. If I had been there then Morgellons was growing. Treatments of bleach, ammonia, peppermint, borax, diatomeaous earth, sulfur, cedar, wintergreen, etc. only put a dent in the population of Morgellons. Nothing stopped the crawling once and for all. Nothing, that is, until now!

Now, I am a firm believe the power of Nature and its all inclusive healing powers, but what I have been infected with for 3 years is not something of nature. It is not of this Earth…(well it might be), but is sure hardy has hell. Morgellons does not die and it is impossible to see or verify. Being a big proponent of nature, I rarely ventured into the realm of synthetic treatments. I felt that these synthetic substances would only pollute my body further than it already was and felt these would hinder my progress. Thus, I stayed away until. That is until one sleepless, crawling, biting night. This night was a bit worse than others. The Morgellons symptoms started really irritating me that night. I couldn’t get any sleep and was frustrated that after 3 years these symptoms still persisted. I was a complete mess and almost broke down crying. A grown man! I had intense crawling sensations, popping, flicking, and the likes. I just couldn’t handle it anymore! Thus I hit the internet for the umpteenth time…

I searched and searched for different approaches to treating Morgellons. I reread hundreds of methods and articles about people’s battle with Morgellons and how they never seemed to win. I looked for new material. Something that I might have missed in the past. In the end, I stumbled upon a synthetic cleaner. This cleaner was something very new to me. I read about it. Then I searched for it. Then I found it on Amazon. On here several people had reviewed it. These reviews and the author’s stories were similar to mine, most of which seemed to have a chronic parasitic infection of some sort. These people, and several others, rated this product, a derivative of Ammonia, 5 stars with raving reviews! That night I read every single review, hoping and praying that this would work the way it had for others. After reading these reviews, I decided to give it a shot, so I ordered 1 gallon.

Xtreme Cleen, as stated before, is an Ammonia derivative and acts similar, but stronger, than other Ammonia based cleaners (like Windex). This product smells great, leaves zero residue, and doesn’t seem to have any affect on cloth/leather materials. Best of all it kills Morgellons almost instantly even in an extremely diluted use (4 oz per gallon of water is more than sufficient). My treatment plan is now a science whereas I use about 1 gallon every 2 weeks. This alone is cheaper than my current Morgellons protocols and by far more effective!

I began using this cleaner on EVERYTHING. I bought a gallon bug sprayer and started spraying my entire house; couches, beds, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Quickly I noticed the presence of Morgellons receding. Along with this approach I began soaking my clothes, sheets, and whatever else cloth material in Xtreme Cleen. I used the recommended dosage…sometimes a bit more which was 2-4 ounces per 1 gallon. This worked very well! I stuck to a schedule and did an entire house cleaning about 2-3 times a week and continued to be relentless. Each time I after spraying I would evacuate for 30 minutes. This was more than enough time to air out my house. I managed to figure out that my sheets needed to be washed every 2-3 nights or else Morgellons would come back. I’ve continued this process for about a month now. All I can say is, “What a difference!” My biting and crawling sensations are no more! I can finally sit on my couch without being wigged out by the gross crawling, flicking, and popping sensations. A feeling I had almost forgotten. A feeling of peace! A feeling of victory!

Though this worked better than anything I had ever used, I still ran into an issue with laundry. After soaking clothes in Xtreme Cleen I would place them in the wash. While this worked, on occasion I found my clothes remaining infected and sometimes worse than they went in. After some more reading, trial and error I discovered that my washer machine was my new source of reinfection. Thus, before every load my washer machine was disinfected with Xtreme Cleen and let sit for 10 minutes time. This drastically reduce the presence of Morgellons in clean laundry.

With this month of usage I have noticed a tenfold improvement in symptoms. I do believe that Xtreme Cleen will help me destroy Morgellons once and for all. It may take time, but I am more than ready to put in the work to disinfect everything I own. I had not found something in the past that worked this well, thus I never really invested the time to be meticoulous about cleaning. Now that I have found a great all purpose cleaner I have a strange feeling that my Morgellon days are quickly coming to an end! But please, don’t take my word for it…read the reviews found on Amazon about Xtreme Cleen. These people have also battled the invisible, invincible parasite which I call Morgellons!

Good Luck!

Below are some of the tools I used to eradicate Morgellons (or whatever was infecting myself and my house):

One gallon spray bottle to hold the Xtreme Cleen/Water mixture. Very useful and very easy to use. 1 gallon covered upwards of 1000 sq. ft. for me.

Xtreme Cleen’s main ingredient is ammonia. Thus, upon spraying a potent scent of ammonia radiates. In order to keep my lungs protected I used a respirator mask and took precaution during my spray treatments. Though these fumes are potent the do dissipate rather quickly with the proper ventilation.

In conjuction with the lung protection, eyewear must also be used. Thus, the eyewear found above was added to my Amazon purchase. I found these to work very well in tight areas of my house as over spray was easy to get on oneself. I never had a problem with Xtreme Cleen and skin contact, but lung and eye contact seemed to irritate me.

Xtreme Cleen is very potent and a contact killer to several organisms (just read the label), however in my treatments I found that once dried all surfaces are 100% safe and had zero reaction/issues when given enough time evaporate and dissipate! Even fogging with cedar was way more of an issue. The lingering smell of cedar was just too unbearable for me to stand, not to mention the poor results cedar produced!