Hello All, I’m going to give a quick update on my status. It seems Morgellons and the biting bugs still persist. This is a never ending ordeal! ;(

Anyways July 4th, 2014 marked my 3 year anniversary of Morgellons. Yay for me! What has happened in these 3 years…well not a whole lot except for a significant amount of money spent on Morgellons and the pursuit of finding sweet, sweet relief. I honestly can’t say how much money has been spent on Morgellons and modifying my lifestyle in order to reduce symptoms to a manageable level. It is a difficult task, but I have made it to where I only feel slight crawling throughout the day and can focus on my work.

If I had to attach a number to the Morgellons burden I have to put it somewhere in the tens of thousands. Yes, that’s right $10k plus in modifying my lifestyle; excessive cleaning, removing all carpets, throwing out clothes, purchasing new cleaners to try, changing eating habits, investing in new remedies (oils, supplements, detergents, etc.), etc. The list goes on. Morgellons is no longer something I can ignore. It is a part of my life and seems like it will be there for a while. If not forever!

I have managed to go on though, but not without significant frustration, fear, and uneasiness. I am still single and will most likely remain that way in fear of infecting someone I care about. It hurts, but my life has been stunted. I feel stuck, but I continue. Each day is different from the others. Sometimes I feel I have won, while others feel like day 1. Somethings I find help dramatically (posted to this site), but still fail to fully cure this beast. I have found that Morgellons is not only an internal manifestation, but also an external one. I’m not sure if it is contagious, but feel it could be under the right circumstances (weakened immune systems, sharing clothes, close contact). Upon entering ‘clean’ houses the presence of Morgellons goes away. Upon entering ‘dirty’ houses (pets, or my house) the presence of Morgellons goes up significantly. It’s weird, I know.

I have found that treating myself internally has helped greatly. I still do most of what is seen on this site and attribute a large part of my healing to The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse! It has saved my life, not just from Morgellons, but hundreds of other aliments which I also exhibited. Sadly, it did not completely cure Morgellons, yet (I still have some more cleansing to do). I’ve now started on large doses of Vitamin C daily. This has helped relieve some of my Chronic Fatigue symptoms, but not so much Morgellons. I will continue this because I feel, without a doubt, that once I restore my body’s vitality the cure will not be far behind! I still believe in the power of Sulfur and MSM in the treatment of Morgellons, however currently do not take it because I still feel like I’m heavy metal toxic and this will only redistribute metals. Until I finish the Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse I will continue to remain off of MSM.

My laundering techniques remain the same. They work very well, though ratios are key! I do have some new things on order and will be giving them a shot here shortly.

I now sleep on medical mattress with a very thick food-grade polyethylene mattress cover to reduce mattress off-gassing. This, also, helps protect my bed from getting infected. I use 1 fitted sheet and 1 normal sheet (no pillow) and wash them twice a week, sometimes more. I feel my couches are infected, but I continue to treat them with DE and Sulfur powder. This really helps.

I’ve analyzed every aspect of toxic exposure in my house and my life and exchanged them for natural substitutes. I no longer use plastic for anything. Glass is my new container of choice. However, my new tile floors tend to be unforgiving for these containers (shards of glass everywhere)…I no longer use synthetic cleaners or pesticides. Nor do I eat any non-organic food. I feel nature is and always will be the answer!

In conclusion, I am doing pretty well. I continue to live a good life, even though I am infected by Morgellons. I still have plenty of fun at the beach every weekend (surfing, soccer, skateboarding). My outlook on life has changed significantly, but for the better. I actually feel like a better, more empathetic person because of Morgellons. I’ve never been chronically ill in my life until Morgellons and Epstein Barr Virus. I, now, understand what the chronically ill are going through, it is not an easy life and I could definitely be in a worse situation. I am thankful everyday to be alive, healthy (somewhat), and happy. I have become a very understanding person. And I have grown considerably and am thankful for that!

I do not share with anyone that I have Morgellons, except for you (I hope you feel privileged ;)). It seems if I mention my symptoms and Morgellons to people they begin to think I have a few screws loose…So I don’t. There are only 2 other people who know that I have Morgellons. Though they are close to me and accept that I have it, I really don’t think that they believe me. In the end, I do pray everyday that I will find a cure, it has to come because I cannot accept an entire lifetime with Morgellons.

Great! You have made it this far. Your journey to find ultimate health will finally begin. From this day forward (if you apply what lies ahead) you will be forever healthy and happy! As you may have read before, I have suffered and continue to suffer for over 3 years with Morgellons. But not only did/do I suffer from Morgellons, I, also, suffered from a slew of other aliments/symptoms.

It originally started with a terrible case of the Epstein Barr Virus (Mononucleosis) which then lead to Chronic Fatigue which then lead to just about every known health problem to man including Morgellons. I suffered from Chronic Fatigue for exactly 1 year before I came down with Morgellons. Which then was only to make my life one miserable hell of existence. Every day brought with it a new symptom, new aliment, new disease, new unresolvable issue…the list of these issues could go on indefinitely, however to keep things short I’ll just list a few;

  • incapacitating fatigue
  • post-exertional malaise(extreme fatigue after exercise, lasting 24 hours or more)
  • terrible stamina
  • unrefreshing sleep
  • pain in joints without swelling or redness
  • tender lymph nodes
  • chronic nausea, earache
  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • abdominal pain
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • bloating
  • short-term memory
  • concentration problems
  • word-finding difficulties/impaired speech (dysphasia)
  • inability to comprehend or retain what is read
  • inability to calculate numbers
  • mental fogginess
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • personality changes
  • new or worsening allergies
  • sensitivities to noise, light, odors, foods, chemicals or medications
  • sensitivity to heat and/or cold
  • alcohol intolerance
  • shortness of breath
  • low-grade fever or low body temperature
  • visual disturbances (blurring, light sensitivity, eye pain, worsening vision, dry eyes)
  • chills & night sweats
  • dry mouth & eyes
  • tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • muscle twitching
  • chronic acid reflux (GERD)
  • poor digestion
  • uncontrollable blood sugar levels

Short, huh? The fact of the matter is I could not find the strength to minimize this list any more. While the above list may seem long, I’ll tell you that I had each and every one of these symptoms, day in and day out, for over a 3 years. It wasn’t just nagging symptoms, it was full fledged, the real deal: incapacitating. It was bad. Really bad. But for now all you have to know is that I suffered long and hard. It has made me the man I am today and I would not give it up for anything. My suffering has brought me here. A place to share my struggle in hope that it helps you through yours.

During these years of suffering I began to change the way I ate. My diet slowly changed from processed foods to natural foods. I stopped eating out. Not by choice, but by necessity. My body could no longer digest anything with preservatives or pesticides. I had to eat organic. I had to stick to a very narrow diet, mostly vegetable diet. My body couldn’t handle fruit. The sugar they contained always sent me on a blood glucose roller coaster ride. Even with this strict diet several vegetables didn’t make the cut for example; tomatoes, onions, garlic, and anything acidic. These items never failed to create gut wrenching acid reflux. Even without the inclusion of these vegetables my acid reflux was chronic. I continually had to dose pure baking soda, an anti-acid, to combat what seemed to be a never ending gastric ulcer. My diet was good, but still not good enough to reverse the stomach damage that had been done by all those rounds of antibiotics, or so I thought….

I had absolutely no dietary diversity and it ate me up, literally! For 3.5 years, I never ventured from this bland diet. A diet, so dull, that even a caveman would question my habits. No fruits, no dairy, only certain vegetables, a select few organic grains, and some nuts. This diet was do-able, but just didn’t seem to satisfy my never ending hunger. I ate and ate and ate trying to consume as much as possible. I was never satisfied for reasons I could not explain; it was like my body wasn’t getting enough nutrients…. Little did I know that this was exactly the case.

If you’ve gotten this far you will be most interested in the paragraphs to come, however to keep it short I’ll conclude in the next sentence. Each and every one of the previously listed symptoms was undoubtedly forever reversed in 6 short months with a majority of the symptoms being erased by month 3. In 6 months, a lifetime of damage was so easily, yet so gracefully erased it was just awe inspiring. Still, to this day, I cannot believe how easily my body healed itself. I had tried so many remedies. So many nails in the coffin. So many guaranteed, highly recommended, natural supplements. But yet, all only got me so close to supreme health. Not one got me to the promise land of perfect health. The place where healthy people take health for granted.

Mind boggling. Just mind boggling. Looking back, I cannot believe I was sick for so long and in just a few short months all was virtually reversed. As soon as I stumbled upon the answer I knew right then and there that this was it. For once my endless, undieing search for optimum health finally paid off. I had found the answer and I’m here to share it with you. Please, I beg of you. Save your time. Save your money. Save yourself. I’ve done the hard work. I’ve suffered for you. I’ve researched for you. This is the end of your health nightmare. This is it!

Without further ado, I present to you The Liver Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse. A cleanse to remove gallstones from your Liver and Gallbladder. The book is written by Andreas Mortiz a fellow sufferer who was sick with poor health, fainting spells, and other illnesses for much longer than I. Because of his suffering, Andreas devoted his life’s work to discovering why he was in such poor health and others weren’t. Was it genetics? Was it diet? Was it combination?

The book starts with a well written introduction on what the current world has brainwashed you into to thinking about the gallbladder. Andreas elaborates on how the masses have deceived you into thinking the gallbladder is unnecessary and common to get removed. He goes on to explain that the gallbladder and liver work harmoniously together to digest foods of all types. He explains that years of poor diet loaded with “bad” fats and animal flesh can lead to a gallbladder filled of undetectable cholesterol gallstones which eventually make their way into the liver bile ducts. Once in the liver bile ducts these stones sit for years slowly accumulating and blocking off major pathways and obstructing the flow of bile. As the flow of bile slows down, so does the effectiveness of the liver and gallbladder. After so long symptoms of a poor functioning liver and gallbladder start to appear. These symptoms range from: low appetite, food cravings, digestive disorders, diarrhea, constipation, clay-colored stool, hernia, flatulence, hemorrhoids, dull pain on the right side, difficulty breathing, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, most infections, high cholesterol, pancreatitis, heart disease, brain disorders, duodenal ulcers, nausea, vomiting, angry personality, depression, impotence, sexual problems, prostate disorders, urinary problems, hormonal imbalances, menstrual and menopausal disorders, problems with vision, puffy eyes, skin disorders, liver spots, dizziness fainting spells, loss of muscle tone, excessive weight, back pain, dark color under eyes, morbid complexion, tongue coated white or yellow, scoliosis, gout, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, asthma, headaches, migraines, tooth and gum problems, yellowness of the eyes and skin, sciatica, numbness or paralysis of the legs, joint disease, knee problems, osteoporosis, obesity, chronic fatigue, kidney disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cold extremities, excessive heat, hair loss, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, stiffness in joints, to hot/cold flashes.

The enormous list above are all results of a poor function liver and gallbladder. Andreas continues to explain how the root of all disease begin at your liver with the assumption being made that you were once a healthy human at some point in your life. He goes on to categorize different diseases and how exactly they are linked to the poor liver/gallbladder connection. He then explains how high cholesterol is merely a misdiagnoses of gallstones in the gallbladder and liver bile ducts. He discusses, in great detail, the effects these gallstones have on the human body. His work is broken down in layman terms and his findings are presented in such a matter that a logical puzzle begins emerge. You find yourself slowly nodding in agreement with the facts written on each page. By the middle of chapter 3, you understand the seriousness of undetectable gallstones in and around the gallbladder. Finally, he begins to explain how one can tell if they have gallstones, which, according to Andreas, if you’ve eaten the Standard American Diet for a number of years, or suffer from any the above symptoms then, without a doubt, you have gallstones even if you don’t have a gallbladder!

By chapter 4 Andreas finally gets to the good stuff. He reveals the highly anticipated remedy to the Miracle Cleanse which requires 6 days of preparation, a half day of fasting, and a few hours of visiting the toilet (#2) in order to flush out the stones. He states that this flush must be performed at least 12 times (once every month) in order to completely remove all stones. I, myself, have completed 10 flushes and have provisions to remove each and every stone no matter how many flushes it takes. With every new flush I feel a great sense of well being and a renewed passion to share the book which has forever saved my life. At first, I was completely skeptical, but by flush number 3 the skepticism turned into just plain respect. For less than $10 this man, this book; saved my life! I am forever grateful and so is my bank account. Thank you Andreas from the bottom of my heart! Words cannot explain what you have done for me.

Please, don’t just take my word, read some of the hundreds of 5 star reviews found on Amazon. These stories will blow you away!

In conclusion, as with every other post, I hope I’ve opened your eyes to the trickery and corruption that has been hidden in plain sight. We have been fool by the medical industry into thinking that they are superior and we should be dependent on them. Between this industry and mass media we have been duped about cancer, disease, bacterial/viral infections, and the likes. The fact of the matter is, human beings survived just fine, and, in fact, healthier than present day humans without the use of antibiotics, hormone suppressing birth control, synthetic cholesterol pills, antidepressants, antifungals, etc, etc. The new world has been developed not in your best interest, but the interest to acquire great wealth. For example, take a look at the stock market. An entire system to raise capital in order for the owners to acquire more and more wealth and power. Not one publicly traded company cares about you! Not one. They are only interested in selling a product at a large enough profit that is just safe enough they can legally get away with it. These companies have investors to satisfy and if that doesn’t happen…well we know what happens.

Why is it that biomedical pharmaceutical companies are some of the most lucrative companies to invest in? Why are these companies even publicly traded? Shouldn’t a company that is making life saving drugs NOT be controlled by the public? Why is this? Why are these companies worth billions upon billions of dollars? Why is it that we see so much media advertisement for these companies products? Are life saving drugs really a product, or perhaps a necessity? If a necessity, then why advertise? Aren’t we going to NEED to buy them no matter what!?!? Maybe it isn’t a necessity, but only marketed as one in order to brainwash us into thinking we are sick!

For $10 dollars I reversed a slew of diseases (all diagnosed by different doctors) and hundreds of symptoms without ever dropping a dime on a doctor visit (only prior to reading this book had I). Please try this cleanse, if not for me, for yourself. You have nothing to lose. Do at least 6 flushes, a total cost of roughly $20 and 6 Saturday mornings, then reevaluate your health. Compare your new self versus the old self. Keep a journal or blog, if needed. Be aware of healing reactions that follow in the days after a flush. This is your body removing excess toxins which it now has the capability to do so. If you don’t see an improvement after 6 flushes then you have lost nothing but time and $20, however I guarantee that you WILL notice a difference and a substantial one at that! This book has helped me immensely in my battle with Morgellons. Not only has it given me the strength to start this blog, but the strength to continue down a dark lonely path with almost zero answers in sight. I know that one day Morgellons will stop and that day will be one of the best days of my life. But the only way for that day to come is to reverse the internal and external damage I have done to myself in the 27 years of existence…what better way to start then from the inside out!

Stay Strong.

Mr. Admin